•  Conventional material-replacement
  •  Utilize inorganic fillers
  •  Modified properties
  • Create smart, sustainable and green construction materials


  •  Easy to synthesize
  •  Exist in nature
  • Can be inexpensive.
  • They have a low-density (in part because of the light elements from which they are constituted)
  • Easily formed into complex shapes.
  • Properties can be modified by compositional changes and by processing
  • More than twice in strength
  • Curing for a very short time, overnight at room temperature
  • Non-absorbent and chemical-resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Robust
  • Cost-saving material that can be molded to meet even complex part requirements
  • Fire and heat retardant •
  • Durable
  • Thinner application
  • Less chalking in outdoor exposure
  •  Abrasion resistance
  • Temperature stability
  •  Machinability
  • Good adhesion to other materials
  • High insulating property

PO-LITE….the new composite material

  • Engineered material
  • Imitate the properties of conventional materials
  • Use as raw material for various application
  • High early strength, fast & easy curing and light-weight
  • Components are abundant in the Philippines
  • Play with colors

Product Form

  • Precast – Any form
  • Panel board / Ply board
  • Lumber
  • Tile form
  • Furniture Pieces
  • Modular House– smart, green and sustainable house


  1.  Low cost housing developers
    • • Due to more efficient manpower labor productivity
      • Due to elimination of other items such as messy mortaring and plastering works as well as painting works
  2.  High-end construction
      • Due to unique designs that can match floor and wall finishes, including furniture pieces
  3.  Project owners and Project Contractors
      • Introduction of alternative materials (value engineering) to save on costs
  4.  Households
      • Can be sold out as regular materials with instruction manual to go along with


  1.  PHB – PO-LITE HOLLOW BLOCKS in variety of colors
      • Sold as blocks (as in)
      • Customized with requested interior design
  2.  P-TILES – PO-LITE TILES in mosaic and synthetic granite tiles
      • Sold as tiles (as in)
      • Customized with requested interior design
  3.  FUR-LITE – PO-LITE FURNITURE in customized designs
      • Sold as per design
      • Customized with requested interior design sign